Building Healthy Local Food Systems

Southern Foodscapes advocates for healthy, resilient and sustainable local food systems by educating, connecting and supporting entrepreneurs, consumers and all other stakeholders in a foodshed.

For Consumers

If you are a consumer that values fresh, local food, you are not alone.
With a bewildering array of information and misinformation on the internet, consumers need clear, proven and non-dogmatic information to help them assess their food, garden and landscape choices and the claims of food providers and vendors.


Get fresh and grow your own: we can help.


For Businesses

Sustainability.  Accountability.  Social responsibility.
These are not just buzzwords in a corporate report, they are values that consumers are increasingly demanding from the companies with which they do business.
We can help you assess your food supply and connect with local food resources.

For Neighborhoods

Local Food is Good for the Whole Neighborhood
Locally sourced food can reduce a region’s environmental footprint, preserve local cultural flavor, provide fresher and more nutritious food for residents, and improve economic strength and resiliency. In the search for fresher, healthier and better tasting food, urban farming and gardening is coming to neighborhoods everywhere. Today, 37% of Americans grow at least some of their own food.  And for those that don’t grow their own food, direct to consumer food sales have more than doubled in the last decade.

Want to make a change in your neighborhood or town?  We can help you get started.