Islander F1 peppers: a mid-season report

No photoshop, those are the true colors
No photoshop, those are the true colors

The description sounded too good to be true.  Bell peppers that were purple when they were unripe?  At 20 cents a seed they had better perform!

Indeed they have.  This is not some odd colored old heirloom, but a hybrid offering.  Like many hybrids, the growth was vigorous and rapid and the plants set fruit quickly.  The plants are not particularly large and so far are not using the support cages I have for them.  They are performing well despite being in a new bed of fairly poor soil, and ripen to red quickly.

If they have a fault, it would be that they are not uniformly blocky.  This matters not at all to a home grower, but could be problematic for a wholesale grower.  For market growers, the eyeball attracting display of these brilliant colors would probably outweigh any customer expectations of blocky grocery store shapes.

Islander tastes like your average grocery store pepper.  It perhaps has a little bit less bitterness in the unripe stage.  Of the two bell peppers I am trying this year to replace my beloved (but sadly unavailable) lamuyo Jackpot pepper, Islander is pulling far ahead.  It is not quite as prolific or thick-walled as Jackpot, but getting Jackpot peppers to the fully ripe stage was an exercise in patience and peppers lost to rot.

This is a pepper that certainly lives up to its description.