Fall Gardening Chores

fall season

The weather is mild with crisp edges and the summer glut of vegetables is over.  That means it’s time to start on the fall chore to-do list.  Fall is the best time to plant trees and shrubs, do maintenance and repairs, and get your garden beds and landscape mulched.

Here’s my to do list this month.  What’s on your Fall To-Do list this year?

Infrastructure Repairs & Improvements

  • Investigate and fix why my rainwater collection system is draining too slowly.
  • Build a critter-proof compost bin so I can still compost everything without feeding the chipmunks.


Routine Maintenance

  • Clean up dead seed stalks and thin and remove outward growth of over-zealous herbs.  Mint, oregano, rue, costmary and others will take over if you let them.
  • Collect seeds from annual and tender herbs like stevia.  Many will reseed themselves, but it’s good to have a back-up of seeds stash indoors where they won’t get eaten.
  • Cut back canes of blackberries that have already fruited.
  • Check raised beds for damage and repair/replace as needed.
  • Remove all but one hummingbird feeder and clean for winter storage.
  • Put out winter bird feeders.
  • Mulch, mulch, mulch.


  • Enjoy the food: Roasted root vegetables, winter squash, sweet potatoes and preserved foods are on the menu for fall and winter.
  • Enjoy the season: Before the weather turns cold, get outdoors and enjoying hiking and biking trails and, of course, just puttering around the garden.